Carriage Horse: We humans love animals since long. Irrespective of their size or utility to us, we have always respected nature and its creations.

Carriage Horse:

But it is sad that not everyone is as warm hearted as others. Some horrific tales of animals being domesticated but exposes to exploitation, violence and u can be heard every now and then. This is indeed heartbreaking.

Carriage Horse

One of most majestic animals on Earth are the horses. Not only do they give an enormous visual appeal but also are useful to mankind. As a result they are every now and then victim of being pushed too much. One of the most popular medium horses are used are in carriage rides in famous cities like the New York City.

But, some of the very recent shocking evidences captured by eyewitness shows that time has come the NYX carriage ride services by horses must be put to an end for the benefit of all.

Carriage Horse

Carriage Horse In New York:

Horse carriage rides in New York City’s famous Central Park is one of the most popular world renowned tourist attraction. It is a traditional dating style mankind has been cherishing since over a century. Following this many other big cities have also tried this tourist attraction.

However, traditions are good to be maintained only when it does no harm to anyone. For the New Yorks as well as to the people visiting this city, horse drawn carriages have of late become a matter of burden.

Carriage Horse

Numerous allegations and complains have been filed by horse carriage drivers. The ASPCA has integrated new rules and policies for the protection of horses. Sadly, such regulations are not easy to be enforced unless or until the authorities undergo extensive spot checking.

Of late there have been two snaps being captured by an eyewitness showcasing why on an urgent basis horse drawn carriage practice must now retire.

It was the weekend close by the Labor Day. At 2 a.m at night Bogdan Paul Angheluta, a Long Island resident was out from a nightclud.

On his walk back home he saw that right in the middle of the road a horse carriage driver was encouraging and pushing his horse to move fast through the green traffic light before it went back to red.

The horse was not able to keep up the speed. Out of haste, it just collapsed on the road.

Carriage Horse

New York carriage industry investigated the matter along with a veterinary. The name of the horse is Norman and he is 14 years old. Angheluta who took the pictures is worried about the welfare of animals like Normal who on a daily basis are a victim of human acts.

As per the eye witness Normal was lying on the road for 20 minutes. It was only when some men from the Clinton Park Stables came to help Norman could stand back up on his feet.

The entire incident was witnessed by Angheluta who stood by the horse till he got back. He has sent these pictures to an animal welfare organization named NYCLASS who reported the matter to the NYPD.

An official statement has been released by the NYCLASS accusing the act. The Mayor Bill de Blasio has also been called for enacting legislative measures to put an end to this practice.

Carriage Horse

For more information you can browse the NYCLASS official website. Here if you want to put an end to such horse carriage rides, you may sign a request or a petition. This may help put an end to this practice once and for all.

Thursday 5 p.m we call upon all the supporters of animals to join in a protest right in front of the Gracie Mansion in the greater New York region.

Share this real story so that people become more aware about how innocent animals are being treated. These animals deserve nothing other than our love and support.


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