Cat fur: Have you ever wondered what it would be like when you are placed in a weapon room with your greatest foe? If the other person has a mutual feeling with you, then that place may be painted red in no time (just kidding). This may however apply when it comes to the rivalry between the feline and the canine families.

Cats running:

In a show held some time back, the feline family stole the spotlight of which only the canines used to shine in. It is against nature to expect a pack of dogs to just sit through a whole session with cats running around the place. One of those dogs is bound to start a feud with the cats and all hell breaks loose.

The show however, was one big success. The dogs with their big ego, walking blissfully through the isles as people assume the roles of the paparazzi. The cats were also a significant part of the show too. There highly adorable nature attracted much of the patting and smooches.

Though it was not a competition, the canines still managed to maintain a good period of time under the spotlight. It is obvious that a dog can learn a couple of tricks and be able to understand some of the human vocabulary. Their ability to do lots of tricks made them to be the winners of the show.

This may have belittled the felines, but they made a great comeback though. The cats had some of the best furs you can imagine. To make them more delightful to look at, they were painted on the fur. Some even looked like small cheetahs. Even though the tricks they could do were limited to zero, their cuteness gave them an advantage over the canines.

Breeds of cats:

The felines were also available in varied breeds. There were about forty breeds of cats available in the show, making each one of them a unique site. The dogs, however, were available in a few breeds. None of the breeds present showed any hostility towards the felines.

Though the show was a success, a repeat of this type of show is not going to be held for a while. The Westminster Kennel show is going to keep it strictly canine for a while. It is certain that it will be held soon enough due to public demand. It is always good to experience change every once in a while.


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