Cat Halloween : From centuries onwards people are all aware of the old bad luck false notion surrounding the black cat. This seems to have been embedded in their subliminal which will be a black cat cross their path. Most of the people would have at least a fleeting notion of bad luck myth. Some of the people may even have feelings of the approaching doom. If a person has owned six cats, two of them are black in color, one of the cat crossing path many times a day is expected.

Cat Halloween : black cat

Despite the thousands of years of the black cat folklore, people are happy to say, so far so good.  In fact, people have an advocate of a black cat because in the city shelters they are the color of cat most expected to be euthanized due to the difficulty in adopting them out. People usually won’t consider themselves as superstitious, but if this was the case, they will make sure to investigate the myth and got the “facts” correct.  In various cultures and where the folklore was originated, the black cat is generally considered as good luck.

In the U.K., getting and having a pet of black cat is very lucky, but to have one cross people’s path warns of the bad luck. Even though, if a black cat approach a person or a strange one appears near the front porch, good things are headed that person way. Black cats have long been linked with Halloween and unfortunately, they are bad luck in our society. Black cats are at higher risk of being victims of abuse this year.

If any black cat is normally allowed to go outside, please safe him inside during the Halloween.  Even if the cat is not in black color, it is very insecure to let the cat outside with all trick-or-treaters and car traffic is being at an all-time high at that time. With all ghastly costumes & commotion, the cat which is normally let outside during day time & returns at night time might be they are terrified to come back home.  If a cat does try & make his way, there will be a great chance of being hit by a car or some other vehicle.

Again, this high risk is definitely true for any color of the cat. For this year Halloween, the safest place for any color of cats is indoors.


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