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Cat Rescue: The laws of nature can only be bent by one thing: compassion. It is obvious that a hungry lion will pounce on any prey that crosses its cornea.

Cat Rescue :

It is also obvious that a dog will always save a dark spot for the domestic feline family.

If a dog, however, is exposed to the loving presence of an adorable cat, a friendly bond develops. Don’t believe me? Well, I hope this video of a dog saving a cat from drowning will convince you otherwise. Seeing the cat drowning, the dog jumped in the water to save the cat.

The cat may not have known how to make an exit, but it was surely an amazing day for it. The water is no place for a cat to land on its feet. Thanks to the dog, the cat’s nine lives are still intact.

view the video: here

Dog or Elderly Abuse?… Maybe Both

Some people really have a hard time keeping their hate bottled up. There is a woman in particular who could not hide how much she hated her job. A home health care worker snapped at an elderly lady who she cared.

The elderly lady fed the health care worker’s dog some scraps of food that she left on the plate. I don’t know is the food had some poison in it, but the worker went all psycho on the poor lady. To make it worse, Dorothy Bratten (the victim) suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

Though this video is graphic, you really should have a look at it to see just how some people react to some scenarios involving their pets: Here


GIMO: The cat with the ‘viral’ eyes

The internet can make an event to go viral in seconds. It also has an affinity for interesting and unique phenomena. When it comes to cats, Gimo takes the throne for the cutest cat gone viral. One look at the eyes and your heart belongs to the cat.

So what is the sorcery behind the cat’s eyes? Well, the cat just possesses big sparkling eyes that people can’t take their eyes off. Maybe it is time for you to decide whether the cat is worthy of all the attention:


But Gimo’s not just popular for his good looks.

Even Cats Can Take Selfies These Days

The selfie era has taken over the human race as well as some canines and felines. There is a special cat in the northern country which can’t keep its paws off the camera. This cat developed the taste of capturing images on the GoPro cams.

It later developed to a habit of touching electronics that looked much like the cams. This has brought about some of the best animal selfies that you can find on the internet.


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