Cuddly cat : Recent studies made by the CDC or the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US have found that cuddling your cat can now be deadly for pet owners.

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Cuddly cat :

‘Cat –scratch disease’ is what we may call it. It is a life threatening infection which can even kill you. The initial reaction of the disease can be high fever, pustule or boil formations and the matter can even go worse and cause even death.


This disease is formed in cats by transmission from one cat to another through mediums such as fleas. An innocent cuddle, nuzzle or kiss for your loving pet can put you in the deathbed. The disease can also be cause to humans if such disease carrying cats bite or scratch.

Stray cats

Studies further reveal that the most susceptible carriers of this infectious bacteria area stray cats and small kittens. CDC medical practitioner Dr. Christina Nelson suspects that the disease has larger implications than what was speculated initially.

The positive side of the study is that ‘cat-scratch disease’ can be avoided and prevented beforehand. Efforts have already begun towards understanding the disease pattern, risks, symptoms so that preventive measures can be found as well.

A simple recommendation made by the doctors is that pet owners especially cat owners must keep their hands clean and wash off immediately after patting  or stroking the pets. Also any contact in between stray cats and pet cats must be strictly avoided.

The entire study made covered a period of eight years. Over 13,000 cases were found where cat-scratch disease has exist. Annually it was found that per 100,000 populations a 4.5 outpatients were diagnosed with this disease.

The above number is not high. But, it is also not rate. Although not a large majority of people have died due to cat-scratch disease yet it is suspected that many does not come out for help as there is a general hesitation amongst people.

The disease is said to be more active in warm regions since in warm areas fleas breed and spread at a fast pace.

Children within an age group of five to nine years are at the highest risk from the cat scratch disease. Almost 9.4 outpatients are diagnosed yearly as per 100,000 populations in this age group.

Cuddly cat and snuggly cat:

Parents must strictly stop children from getting closer to kittens and cats. Especially, when they are young. Care must be taken during the summer time and autumn as well as this is the perfect breeding time for fleas.

So far the best and simplest way one can prevent the spread of this disease is protect their own cats. Cats kept as a pet must be protected from fleas. One can also find some medicines over the counter for temporary relief. Cats can however be treated with a natural remedy of a bath where lemon juice or apple cider is mixed with vinegar.

Having a pet is a great act. However, it is to be made sure that a loving act does not turn out to be life threating.



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