15 Dog Breeds You Think You Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get


Dog Breeds:

This is 15 dog breeds you Shouldn’t Get.

Border Collie


  • drive and intensity is a lot more dog than the average owner is expecting.
  • dog that needs a job


Belgian Malinois


  • dog that needs a job
  • intensity and aggressive tendencies make it a very poor choice for a pet.

Dutch Shepherd


  • These dogs need jobs
  • aggressive and difficult to handle

Korean Jindo


  • one of the few Korean breeds that is still relatively rare in the United States
  • beautiful dogs
  • hunting dogs
  • very independent
  • are not the social butterflies many owners wish their dogs to be.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


  • hunting dog from Africa
  • used as guard dogs
  • they maintain the tenacity needed to tackle large game such as lions and wild pigs

Catahoula Leopard Dog


  • striking animal originating from Louisiana
  • hunt wild boar
  • they are large
  • independent dogs
  • need an experienced owner to control them

Patterdale Terrier


  • they share some qualities of many other pet terriers
  • intense dogs
  • small
  • bred almost exclusively for work
  • can become a major liability in the wrong hands

Siberian Husky


  • beautiful
  • bred for endurance running
  • very difficult dogs to live with

Australian Cattle Dog


herding breed

very strong temperaments

very confident dogs

very difficult to handle for the novice

Airedale Terrier


  • largest of the terriers
  • hunting and working dog
  • intelligent and independent
  • deemed as stubborn
  • difficult to manage for the novice owner

Australian Shepherd


  • very beautiful dog
  • participate in dog sports
  • smart and enjoyable
  • very active and need a job to do
  • the breed will become unruly and destructive if they have’nt desire to work



Belgian spitz-type dog

used for herding


not easily managed by the novice owner

tenacious and headstrong

sometimes difficult to train

very active dogs




working dog from Croatia

carriage dog

very strong

active and excitable dogs


they are a lot to handle



large Japanese dog

temperament most owners aren’t prepared to live with

very aloof

wary of strangers

loyal to their owners

very independent

does not tolerate too much attention



very active German hunting dog

with a coat color


need a substantial amount of exercise and training to keep them stimulated



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