Donald Trump pets: If only Fido and Milo had been given the voice they would have by now protested and marched to the White House in Washington and peed on Trump’s residential lawn. The latest decision of Trump has made life miserable for all pets. However the pet food companies or the puppy mills are unaffected and soaring.

Donald Trump pets :

It was back on Friday when the administration of Trump has taken the decision of erasing every public animal welfare records from the website of the Department of Agriculture. This was said to The Huffington Post. It was a sudden decision to remove every inspection reports, records and material and evidences witnessing animal abuse and mistreatment.

This is unfavorable for the pets. This is also damaging to all the pet lovers who love protecting their pets. In the latest clip from “The Resistance” series of the GQ, Keith Olbermann has explained this.

A small sudden change of decisions can signify an entire death of animal species. Lots of animals are going to be in pain and suffer and now since the records gone no one will know what is happening to the animals.

Here where you can read why pet food is soaring under Trump administration..

When the Trump campaign was running a proposal was put.  This was the FTA Food Police.The FTA Food Police makes quotes and dictates nutrients in dog food.  They also state that  that dog foods cannot be sold if there is poison in it.  23 times in an year the food police FTA has reported dog food. 11 times of these poisoned food has been taken off the shelf. This has costed a lot of money and affected their company profits.

It does not matter whether your dog or cat lives or dies. The profits of the pet food police must never decline.

Can we still support this man. Look at your pet right now and decide.

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