A Shift in Paradigm about Cats Being Adventurous Enough to Replace Dogs

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips: Fish helped change their perception about cats. The parents were vigorous outgoers and wanted to have a dog for them to accompany them in their various outdoor tours and adventure trips. The thought of having a cat and not a dog never even occurred to them. But it was fish which gave them real evidence that in the wilderness cats are just as bold and courageous as their canine counterparts are. Humans absolutely has fallen in love these elegant new friends of theirs. Little were they aware what are in store in their upcoming hiking and camping trips.

Fish and Chips:

Fish has turned out to be acquiring more attention and amusement. Finally a decision was taken to adopt a small baby brother to give him company. The small kitten was named as Chips. Chips began learning the skills of ropes while out in outdoor adventures from his elder brother Fish. Humans have documented this extensively through photos in Instagram. There could have been no better name than The Adventures of Fish and Chips.

The small little felines are energetic fellows ready to climb up every “hill” or “mountain” they came across. They were on an exploration mode. Right from their native home at the Vancouver islands and in regions beyond that these felines have had enough experience to be outrageously courageous in outdoor expeditions. It is a debate still whether the cats can think alike dogs. But, the real life experience of Fish and Chips shows that given an opportunity these can be equivalent to dogs. Thanks The Dodo for sharing with us this beautiful story.

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