6 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat And Heat Stroke


Heat stroke in dogs :For dogs, heat stroke is a deadly threat that cannot be taken lightly. Pet owner must be vigilant for signs of heat stroke, and need to take sensible measures to protect their animals from exposure.  If a dog is in distress, immediate action is required to prevent organ damage. If left untreated, heat stroke can lead to the animal’s death.

heat stroke

Heat exhaustion is essentially the first stage of heat stroke and can be treated by the owner if they take swift action. Reducing the dog’s core body temperature will stop heat exhaustion from progressing to full-blown heat stroke. Take your dog into the shade, provide your pet with water, and make sure they are not lying on a hot surface.

heat stroke in dogs :


  1. How to avoid heat stroke Avoiding heat stroke is a matter of using a little common sense and thinking ahead when your dog is exposed to high temperatures.  Follow these simple guidelines:
    1. Keep your dog on the grass if you’re going for a walk on a hot day. Dark paved surfaces absorb the heat and can burn soft paws. If you wouldn’t walk on a surface in bare feet, don’t ask your dog to do so. Low energy, shorter walks are best when the temperature is up.
    1. If your dog has a longer coat, keep it short in summer. All that fur can cause a dog to overheat. You need to leave an inch of hair, however, to avoid sunburn.
    2. All dogs need easy access to water at all times, but most especially when it’s hot. If your dog lives outside, they must have access to shade and a reliable source of fresh water.
    3. Don’t muzzle your dog. It needs to be able to open its mouth properly to pant in hot weather.
    4. Allow your dog to play in a sprinkler or shallow pool if possible.  It helps to bring down their core body temperature.
    5. The prime casualties of death by heat stroke are dogs who have been left in the car. The car heats up like an oven and cranking a window isn’t good enough. Never do it.



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