Horse ***t or not? Burger King Serving Horses

Not so long ago, a video of horses and cows being shredded in a grinder went viral. Some of the animals appeared to be alive when they were being thrown into the shredder. Burger King has now won the attention of people all over the world with the case of horse meat in the burgers.

Horse Meat:

Burger King has over the years denied the accusations of horse meat in burgers and Whoppers. This time, however, their luck seems to have ran out. They have been cornered and forced to plead guilty to the vile accusations that were being thrown at them.

How did this happen though? Well, Silvercrest, the supplier of Burger King’s beef patties tried a shorthand way of getting beef. Initially, they were supposed to be purchasing British and Irish beef.  They Instead shook hands with a polish supplier who delivered horse meat to them. The horse meat was processed by Silvercrest and then delivered to Burger King.

Unsuspecting people munched down stallions without knowing. This has left so many people disgusted and forced the partnership of the two to end. Burger king and Silvercrest ended a relationship that could have been long term if it was not for the underhand dealings. To retain its image, Burger King denied ever knowing of the Polish supplier.

Manhunt for horse shooter

Just when you think all humanity is lost, a touching story emerges. People have been treating their pets in a really inhuman manner. One person in particular, shot down a horse in Roy, Utah.

A five-thousand-dollar reward has been placed for anyone who can help pin down the shooter. Another five thousand bucks has been offered to the owners of the horse by the humane society. The horse’s tail was cut off and left in the field.

On mid-February, the horse was found dead with a bullet wound. This shocking ordeal caught the attention of the humane society who have made it their mission to find the responsible party.

The search has already begun and neighbors are consulting the family to help this go through smoothly.

Cuteness to sooth the sadness

Putting away all the inhuman acts towards animals, let’s see which horse is winning the hearts of animal lovers. Meet Einstein, the world’s smallest horse. Born in Barnstead, New Hampshire, Einstein measures 14 inches and weighs only 6 pounds. Though the animal is tiny, it is more adorable than any horse you have ever seen.


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