Horse Whoppers at Burger King

Horse Meat: At Burger King, there’s a whole new secret ingredient between the buns. It’s called horse meat.

The fast-food giant has always denied allegations that their ‘beef’ doesn’t necessarily come from cows, but last Thursday they were forced to fess up. Yes, testing has shown that there is indeed some horse in that Whopper.

Horse Meat :

Burger King had contracted with a company called Silvercrest to supply them with beef patties. Those patties were supposed to be made from British and Irish cows. Unfortunately, Silvercrest had a few other suppliers in mind.

Basically, Silvercrest augmented the beef from Britain and Ireland with meat from a Polish supplier. This supplier was providing horse meat, which ended up forming a percentage of the product that was ultimately delivered to Burger King.

Not surprisingly, Burger king has now ended its relationship with Silvercrest.

Burger King has apologized profusely for the use of horse meat in their burgers and claims that it had no knowledge of, or approval for, the Polish supplier.

Let’s hope they’re not telling whoppers.

Reward Offered After the Shooting of a Family Horse

The humane society is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the person responsible for the shooting death of a horse in Roy, Utah

Another $5,000 is being offered in reward by the owners of the 21-year-old Quarter Horse.  The horse’s tail was cut off several months ago, and on February 5th owner Gail Larsen found that her horse had been killed. Cinnamon was lying in a pasture near the Rocky Mountain Junior High, shot through the head.

Humane Society Executive Director Gene Baierschmidt extended sincere condolences to the family and expressed shock at the brutal crime.

Neighbors have been getting in touch with the Baierschmidt family, concerned that the shooting occurred in a residential neighborhood in close proximity to a school.

They hope that the reward money will provide enough incentive for someone to come forward with information.

There is no indication as to the motivation for this act of cruelty, which appears to be as senseless as it is violent.

How Cute is this?

This is Einstein. He was born in Barnstead, New Hampshire, and at 14 inches he’s the world’s smallest horse. He only weighs 6 pounds but packs a ton of adorable into every square inch.



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