Kyrie, a champion horse raised in Pennsylvania by Lisa Gaudio has left both the horse racing and the medical world amazed. She quite a challenge in the racing fields and brought great joy to Lisa and her husband.

Horse racing :

The horse, however, was separated from the owners for a couple of years. After a long dreadful search, Lisa was finally reunited with the horse. The reunion was not all happy and cheery. She discovered that Kyrie had been ailing for a while. The horse had no chance in surviving the fatal disease.

Seeing that there is no way of sustaining the horse’s life, Lisa knew that the only thing left to do is to put the horse down. She did not want to lose the horse in memory too. During her death, Kyrie’s ovaries were removed for ovum extraction.

The ova were extracted at the New Bolton reproduction center. 16 of the eggs were successfully removed and were taken directly to Texas for fertilization. Of course the sperm had to come from a champion stallion to increase the chances of the offspring being greater champions.

The three Surrogates:

Of the 16 ova that were extracted, four of them became embryos. Three of them were placed in their surrogates’ womb for an incubated environment required for development of the embryo. The Surrogate mares do not affect the genetic properties of the embryos. They just act as the carriers as the offspring develops.

The three Surrogates miraculously gave birth to three healthy foals. Epona, Big man and Elle Vitorina were born on January 15th, 27th and February 1st consecutively.  Now Lisa’s short reunion with her beloved horse has been elongated thanks to the wonderful world of medicine.

The three foals:

This type of reproduction nulls the probability of having foals with genetic defects. The three foals are likely to live the same lives as the horses that brought them to this world. Maybe all that is left is to wait and see how perfect the foals are going to be.

Everything good must have its downside right? Well, for you to be able to do this, you should be prepared to do a bit of investment. As you may have thought, a procedure like this needs more than a few bucks to make it work. Most people really don’t care about the cost anyways. The mares and stallions can help you regain every cent you spend when they hit the race tracks.


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