This Is Why You Should Stop kissing dog


kissing dog : It is normal for many people owning pets to regard them as part of their family. This is usually the reason a number of people find it normal to kiss their pets living together

Why kissing dog  ?

with them under one roof. However, have you ever asked yourself about the dangers of kissing your dog?


Is your dog’s mouth cleaner enough as you think?

Marty Becker, the author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul of the Dog Owner,” turns down this claim, citing the unhygienic lifestyle that dogs live. When you keenly study a dog’s movement, you will realize that it likes raiding the garbage can looking for food. The garbage can is normally associated with dirt and food left overs that are considered unclean and unsafe for consumption. Most dogs have unpleasant smelly mouths. Also, when you carefully monitor how dogs interact with fellow dogs, you will realize that they give a peck on the rear end as compared to humans who give each other a peck on the cheek.


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