Mass Hysteria Speculated with Dogs & Cats Together

Mass Hysteria Speculated with Dogs & Cats Together

The word came out last month that cats were to join the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show. Huge speculations, debates and confusions filled up the internet whether one of the premier animal competition shows was now going to be a mongrel centric event.

Time and again movies has showed signs and made statements what there will be a mass hysteria if dogs and cats begin stating together.

Every where people are hysterical, as if, we have reached the end of our days. Anthony Hutcherson, the M.D of the Port Tobacco stated his fears while he patted his Beautiful leopard coated Bengal cat. Speclations as per him are that the upcoming Westminster show in the Madison Square Garden will have very less spectators due to this.

The question now is how did this all begun?

It was an event which took place few years back. The International Cat Association was in the middle of a show at the Javitis Center. This center is right in close proximity to the American Kennel Club. During the same time the American Kennel Club held their all-dog Meet the Breed show.

Mass Hysteria Speculated with Dogs & Cats Together

It is during this event that people started looking at the picture with both cats and dogs together in it. In fact many from the audience did made queries whether the cats are joining. Says a spokeswoman working at the American Kennel Club, Brandi Hunter.

It is however a true fact that for an event of such scale and status just any cat participating in it along side dogs is not justified. Especially when the noise of the crowed will be high, enormous amount of hands waving and of course the canines are present.

However the results were different from what was speculated.  Seven hours passed. And truly the dogs and cats on this day got along well.

“With the seriousness of the issues and the disagreements people have with friends and neighbors after the election, poking fun at cats and dogs being in one room together is a way to make fun of ourselves,” said Hutcherson, Ovation’s owner.

He said this while holding his cat in a booth with a safari scene as the backdrop: inflated monkeys, giraffes, elephants and lions. Some of the other Bengal owners and handlers in the booth were dressed in khaki.

There was an overwhelming response. Thousands of audiences who were accustomed to see dogs on this show were in close contact with over 40 cat breeds and 120 canine breeds.They were amused to kiss and snuggle all these lovable animals. An aisle however was there as a demarcation made in between cats and dogs.

A close comparison was being constantly made in between cats and dogs. In fact at one time when a can gave a jump to fetch its training ball the ringmaster Vicki Shields commented that it was an unique gesture and dogs will never give such a small jump.

Cat toys were made so that the cats can play with it while the spectators were busy praising the event. Shields the ringmaster was in Wikipedia as someone told here. It was indeed a proud moment for her.

It is true that men have always kept dogs and cats as pets. Many a times these have occurred at the same time. And time has proved that this has been a normal scenario. Although in many events cats have been welcomed sources reveal they won’t be seen in the show on Saturday at the Westminster’s competition. Because that is an event solely focused towards canines. However if the cats do drop by, the Westminster will have no problem at all.


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