Abused Cats: Most of the people associated in animal cruelty generally was left free to walk out even after committing violence or crime towards innocent animals. These cases are dismissed in the court of law leaving these abused animals receive no justice. In Connecticut, my home State itself there is a record of 18% of defendants found to be guilty in between years 2005 and 2010 being accused of animal cruelty.  During this time span almost 80% of the cases related to over 3000 animal cruelty related legal cases has been dismissed by the court.

Abused Cats :

The Connecticut State Legislative Assembly has passed the Desmond’s Law recently. This is to provide stricter treatment and harsh penalties to the abusers of animals and to enhance conviction rates. The bill has been passed that an abused cats or a dog has the legal right to be represented by lawyers and law school students of Connecticut voluntarily in the court of law. However, this must be a voluntary move and must have no expenditures associated with the State.

The name of this bill originated from Desmond who was a bull aged 4 years that was sent to the animal shelter at Connecticut. Desmond has become a volunteer’s favorite and is summoned as “Sweet Baby Desmond”. He is welcoming every one with hugs, kisses and wagging tail.
The story is not a happy one. Desmond today has died. But his death was not meaningless.

The real story is that Alex Wullaert adopted Desmond. He adopted to avenge his girlfriend who previously owned Desmond. Alex has  beat Desmond repeatedly and harshly, starved him for food and ultimately strangled the animal to death. Although he was sentenced he was sent to rehabilitation and now came out clean. It is a tragic story which breaks our hearts.

However, the incident has helped inspire people to give these unfateful victimized animals speak up in the court of law with a little humane intervention. The entire matter will be further reviewed in the Connecticut court.


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