Sundance Film Review: ‘Bitch’


sundance film festival :Just when you think that you have witnessed all the humor in this world, Marianna Palka brings a new twist to the world of comedy and drama. “Bitch” is the title of the year’s most twisted comedy film that has raised lots of eye brows.

Sundance film festival 2016:

Though classified as a comedy film, the film focuses on the drama that could arise when a woman snaps and takes on dog’s personality. In short, the film may be funny, but it also captures lots of intense emotions, making it a really intense film.

Jaime King stars in the film as a woman who has been subjected to a lot of emotional pressure. Since she is treated like an unloved pet, she takes on the persona of a vicious dog that has lost its cool. In most movies, the animals are the ones that normally take the persona of human beings. In Bitch, however, it’s the vice versa.

There has been mixed feelings about this, especially from a few feminists. Anyways, there are some elements that were kind of confusing in the film. Some of the covers, portrayed a woman in a leash, in which made people to think that the film was kind of a horror film. After reviewing the film however, people were stunned to see that it is actually more of a comedy film.

Comedy film:

On the side note, people love the way Palka made an “I-do-not-give-a-hoot” film. The film does not let any of the earthly principles get in the way of a really good film. In fact, you can derive this quality from the title itself.

Though most people may consider the title to be rather offensive and misleading, Palka explains why the use of such a title. In a live show, Palka explains that the title was not supposed to have a belittling effect on the women, but rather shout out the plot of the film. I mean, the word ‘bitch’ actually means a female dog.

The film “bitch” reflects all the emotions that a person would want to see in a film. The happy moments are all squeezed up in all the right places, giving way for some more emotions to bubble up before the great finish. As every film has its own critics, Bitch 2017 also has received some hefty criticism in only a few months. Even though they are busy criticizing everything from the title to the plot, the fact that remains is that; it does not give a hoot.


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