Survival strategies: Alarming Consumption of Pink Flamingos, Cats, Dogs, Horses and even Donkeys

Venezuelans eating cats, dogs, donkeys, horses and even pink flamingos to survive

It is illegitimate to hunt down endangered species of birds such as pink flamingos. However, the so called “Maduro diet” followed by the Venezuelans has left them with no choice but to live on the consumption of these soon to be extinct birds along with other commonly found animals like cats, horses, donkeys and even dogs. This is from the news circle at the Miami Herald.

Biology student Luis Sibira stumbled across the first set of gory remains last November: eight pink flamingos, their breasts and torsos sliced out, leaving their heads, spindly legs and vivid feathers scattered across the marshy ground at Las Peonias Lagoon in western Venezuela…

But this isn’t simple poaching, he said. Sibira and other investigators from Zulia University, a public university in Maracaibo, are convinced that the protected birds have become the latest victims of Venezuela’s growing hunger crisis. People have become so desperate, he said, that they are butchering and eating flamingos.

There are other signs that food shortages have led to the slaughtering of animals not generally considered meat: giant anteaters, for one…

In the city’s dump, more evidence of hunger-driven desperation: dismembered dogs, cats, donkeys, horses and pigeons have been found since last year, all skinned or plucked, with signs of having been eaten, according to the city’s garbage teams.

History however states something different. Venezuelans never ever made pink flamingoes their daily diet as stated by the Head of the Scientific Studies Institute at Venezuela. On speaking with the Miami Times it was also heard that this is nothing but desperation and an exorbitant shortage and high inflation occurring here since last two years.

Reuters in one of their story publications has summarized the situation to be the declining and fading days for the Soviet Union. Around $50 billion has been borrowed by Venezuela from China and over $5 billion from Russia. The repayment of this debt has been committed to be made with cheap oil. However recent news shows they are not close towards repayment even.

The total worth of the late cargoes to state-run Chinese and Russian firms is about $750 million, according to a Reuters analysis of the PDVSA documents.

At the end of January, PDVSA was late on nearly 10 million barrels of refined products that the company owes the firms – with shipments delayed by as much as 10 months, according to the documents. It also failed to make timely deliveries of another 3.2 million barrels of crude shipments to China’s state-run China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

Oil production, in Venezuela has been at its lowest last year in the long 23 years time. The state planned to repay China and Russia with enhance export of oil to these countries. But today public news says that neither of these two countries has got this repayment.

The socialist state is close to its vanishing level. The world can only wish that the Maduro government fades out before the entire species of pink flamingos fades from Earth.

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