Adelinde Cornelissen was heartbroken and stopped her mid-routine and she decided not to keep in risk her lovable horse Parzival, although he resembled to have recovered from a bad illness that he had caught from an insect bite.

Dutch Olympic dressage rider Adelinde Cornelissen, on Tuesday entered the ground on her horse Parzival and guided him some movements, then stopped and raised her hand in salute & rode off the field & out of the contest. The heartbreaking judgment was the culmination of a certain huge amount of soul-searching but at the end, Cornelissen has decided to put the welfare of her horse forward of her own Olympic ambitions and those of her teammates.

At the past, Parzival the horse had been bitten badly on the face by a poisonous insect so thereby he infected and suffered from fever. Cornelissen stayed by her horse all that time, even when he is sleeping in his stable with him. She asked the equestrian governing body the FEI if she could alter her place in the competition from starting order to give her horse more time to get recover but her request was deprived of.

In front of his scheduled performance, even though, Parzival was given a clear bill of health, and knowing that her teammates were also relying on her, Cornelissen decided to fight. She wrote a post on Facebook that Parzival temperature was back to normal, Parzival was looking fit, ate and drank well. She didn’t want to let the team to get down at any situations…. but in the back her mind knowing… Nobody can fill in Parzival place if he would withdraw and letting the team down.”

FEI vets arrived and checked up on him at about 10 am. Then gave green light to start the competition. They decided he would give it a try. Cornelissen when starting her routine, guessed something was not going right with Parzival and she decided didn’t want to risk by injuring the horse and she had thought of as a friend for 19 years.

When she entered, he already felt he was giving his utmost and fighting as a fighter but he never gives up… Then Cornelissen said in order to protect him, she gave up… My buddy, my friend, the horse which has given everything to her his whole life does not deserve this… So she saluted and left the stadium…

This story seems not all the inspirational Olympic stories are about winning and competing or to achieve glory…


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