1- Dogs

  • Dog breeds and statistics

Type of Dogs: Dogs have been selectively bred for 100 years, ever since they were domesticated 15.000 years ago. We can now say that dogs were selectively bred form wolf to this form, meaning that breeding process has never stopped. Breeding in the past was most often done by inbreeding dogs. The latter way is more common these days.

Type of Dogs :

FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale – World Canine Organization) has X (10-ten) groups for all breed dogs based on theirs functional type and origin.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) currently registers 189 dog breeds, and 403,760 of registered dogs in the year of 2016.

Type of Dogs types of cats


  • S. households that own a dog – 37 to 46% (43.5 to 54.1 million households)
  • Estimated U.S. dog population – 70 to 78 million
  • Average number of dogs per household (of those owning a dog) – 1.6 to 1.7

The Labrador Retriever Wins Top Breed for the 26th Year in a Row, for the year 2016.

America`s favorite dog, Labrador Retriever has all the qualities that a company dog should have; in addition to the features that are generally known, Labradors are very interesting, cuddly, friendly, tolerant dogs, which every owner of this breed will confirm. In addition, they are great for outdoor activities and sports.

Rottweilers were known as herd shepherd dogs in Germany, and after that, they were called “Butcher`s dog”, because, in the end line, they were protecting precious meat, especially in war times. After some while they got a bad reputation, but Rotties are loyal and loving dogs, and because good qualities cannot be hidden, after almost 20 years, slowly but confidently, Rottweiler has risen for nine spots up, on the most bellowed dog breeds list.

The German Shepherd is handsome and powerful creature, and is known as the world’s leading guard, police, military and rescue dog and a bloodhound that is as smart as it is loving. German Shepherd dog is besides being great therapy dog, maybe the best in its role as a loving family companion, which have earn him permanent leading place on this list.

The Labrador Retriever is top in 47 of 50 major U.S. cities (in the remaining three cities–Detroit, Miami and Providence–the German Shepherd Dog ranks number one)

Type of Dogs:

The AKC (American Kennel Club) current Dog Breeds Rankings. by annual registrations in 2016.

Breed 2016 Rank
Retrievers (Labrador) 1
German Shepherd Dogs 2
Retrievers (Golden) 3
Bulldogs 4
Beagles 5
French Bulldogs 6
Poodles 7
Rottweilers 8
Yorkshire Terriers 9
Boxers 10



Most Popular Dog Breeds for the year of 2015 Number of Registered Dogs
Labrador Retriever 60,931
Chihuahua 42,244
German Shepherd 27,712
Shih Tzu 23,883
Golden Retriever 22,828
American Pit Bull Terrier 22,675
Dachshund 22,430
Yorkshire Terrier 21,050
Pug 20,875
Boxer 20,576
Beagle 20,144
Jack Russell Terrier 15,869
Pomeranian 13,955
Border Collie 13,255
Mixed Breed 12,251


Type of Dogs types of cats

Most Popular States of Residence for Dogs Number of Registered Dogs
California 52,051
Texas 31,011
Florida 23,116
New York 21,717
Pennsylvania 15,191
Ohio 13,841
Illinois 12,918
Washington 11,383
Michigan 11,180
Georgia 10,929
New Jersey 10,638
North Carolina 10,604
Virginia 9,608
Massachusetts 8,281
Ontario 7,965


1.2. Dog names

Thanks to the expansion of Pop culture, the most famous dog names are celebrities dogs names, and their names are always copied,like Hachiko, Laika, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, and especially, presidential dogs.

But, more likely, most popular animal names at the moment are correlated with most popular trends in movies, games and Tv shows, such are “Game of Thrones” – Kahleesi, “Harry Potter” with Harry, Luna, Dobby and even Fenrir Greyback, while Pokemon Go gave us pet names ideas such as Haunter, Skitty and Bayleef.


Top Male Dog Names
Buddy 4,619
Max 4,441
Charlie 2,834
Jake 2,716
Rocky 2,688
Jack 2,661
Toby 2,308
Bailey 2,203
Buster 2,076
Bear 2,005


Type of Dogs types of cats


Top Female Dog Names
Bella 4,709
Lucy 4,056
Daisy 4,026
Molly 3,875
Maggie 3,308
Chloe 2,835
Sadie 2,808
Sophie 2,528
Lola 2,450
Roxy 2,315


Type of Dogs types of cats


 2.1. Cat breeds and statistics


Number of cats in the USA owned by a household: 36.117.000

 Type of Dogs types of cats

 CFA (The Cat Fancier`s Association) currently recognizes 42 pedigreed breeds for showing in the Championship Class.

Rank of breeds for the 2016:

Rank Breed Rank Breed
1 Exotic 22 Japanese Bobtail
2 Persian 23 Selkirk Rex
3 Maine Coon Cat 24 Manx
4 Ragdoll 25 Turkish Angora
5 British Shorthair 26 Somali
6 American Shorthair 27 Balinese/Javanese
7 Scottish Fold 28 Chartreux
8 Abyssinian 29 Bombay
9 Sphynx 30 Colorpoint Shorthair
10 Orienta 31 RagaMuffin
11 Devon Rex 32 Singapura
12 Siamese 33 Americal Curl
13 Cornish Rex 34 European Burmese
14 Norwegian Forest Cat 35 Havana Brown
15 Birman 36 American Bobtail
16 Russian Blue 37 Korat
17 Tonkinese 38 Burmilla
18 Siberian 39 American Wirehair
19 Burmese 40 Turkish Van
20 Ocicat 41 LaPerm
21 Egyptian Mau 42 Chinese Li Hua


Persian has been for years the leading cat breed in almost all the world, but care required for her beautiful coat  has repressed her popularity. The Exotic is bred exactly to have all the same standards as the Persian, except the coat. Beautiful short and fluffy coat gives the Exotic a soft, plush and overall that cute teddy bear look, that makes this breed the new queen of the list.


Most Popular US Cat Breeds by number of registration annually for the year of 2015.
Domestic Shorthair 61,046
American Shorthair 37,545
Domestic Medium Hair 16,776
Domestic Long Hair 15,049
Siamese 14,582
Maine Coon 10,852
Persian 6,717
Russian Blue 3,864
Himalayan 3,701
Ragdoll 3,567
Bengal 3,118
Manx 2,349
British Shorthair 2,171
Norwegian Forest Cat 1,827
Bombay 1,580


Type of Dogs types of cats

1.2 Most Popular Cat Names

Most popular Male Cat names
Max 1,095
Tigger 1,094
Tiger 959
Smokey 921
Oliver 890
Charlie 784
Jack 772
Buddy 771
Simba 714
Shadow 702


Type of Dogs types of cats

Most Popular Female Cat names
Chloe 1,160
Bella 1,073
Lucy 1,025
Kitty 921
Princess 877
Molly 810
Sophie 783
Lily 758
Angel 739
Sassy 695

Type of Dogs types of cats

3- Meals

3.1. Dog food

The biggest dog foods have a simple ingredient list with familiar food sources you can recognize.

On the label of the food brand, first 3 ingredients should be from meat, and rice and cereals (if any) should be placed on further positions. This would mean that the protein in that food originating from the meat (which is very important), and not mainly from grains that are harmful to dogs and cats in larger quantities. Therefore, it is important to know the origins of the proteins in dog food, and you can learn more by reading the composition and pay attention to the order of the listed ingredients.

What’s the Best Dog Food?

Dog foods must not contain:

  • Chemical product
  • Ingredients of meat that are unknown
  • Inorganic dyes

And must contain:

  • Protein meat
  • Protein ratio <75%
  • Little of carbohydrate content

There are few kinds of dog food:

  • Dry (Kibble)
  • Moist food (Canned or Wet).
  • Semi-Moist.
  • Home Cooked.

Type of Dogs types of cats

  1. Best Dry Dog Foods (4 stars)

  • 4Health Dog Food (Dry)
  • 4Health Grain Free Dog Food (Dry)
  • Acana Heritage Dog Food | Canada (Dry)
  • Acana Regionals Dog Food | Canada (Dry)
  • Acana Regionals Dog Food | USA (Dry)

2. Best Grain Free Dog Foods

2. Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods

  • Addiction Dog Food (Canned)
  • Against the Grain Dog Food (Canned)
  • Blackwood Dog Food (Canned)
  • Blue Buffalo Blue’s Stew (Canned)

4. Best Puppy Foods

3.2. Cat food

There are few types of food for cats:

  • Dry cat food (contain about 3 to 11% water)
  • Semi-moist food (Semi-moist foods are usually packaged in pouches with 25-35% water)
  • Wet food (60 to 78% water)
  • Best food for kittens


  • Dry foodsare most economical to feed but current analyses shows that they are not so good for cats, do to the fact that they still have a lot of carbohydrates that cats don’t digest.

Cats are obligatory carnivores, which means they must eat meat, and it is physiological necessity.

  • Canned foods :This is probably the most popular type of cat food.


The Review’s list of best cat food for the year of 2016, after they analyzed 2000 Pet food formulas and found just 140 (production: trustworthy brand with high-quality)

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