Lisa and Jimmy Gaudio hold a farm in Chadds Ford located in Pennsylvania. It is the same farm in which Lisa raised up her beloved Arabian horse called Kyrie. The pair formed an implausible bond as Lisa has transformed the beautiful foal into a big national champion.

For some certain personal reasons, Lisa and Kyrie both were separated for 15 years. But even though Lisa made it her mission to track the Kyrie horse to down again, but when Lisa finally brought Kyrie back to her home in 2013, Kyrie was affected and suffering from chronic health conditions that worsened.

Lisa took a gut-wrenching decision to have ailing Kyrie be kept down. But thanks to the advances which are coming in veterinary medicine, her heritage and legacy lived in the form of a triple miracle which should be seen to be believed.

Immediately after Kyrie’s passed away, Lisa and her team transferred Kyrie’s ovaries to the New Bolten reproduction center, in which Dr. Tamara Dobbie has recovered 16 eggs. Those eggs were then packaged and shipped to Texas A&M overnight. Where they have performed invitro maturation, this is a procedure called actual ICSI procedure where they will inject a single sperm cell into each egg.

Then using frozen sperm from the beautiful stallion, 4 matured embryos transferred to 3 different mares. All 3 mares were pregnant.

In early 2017, 3 bundles of joy welcomed and entered into the world. First up named as Epona, born to surrogate mom called Mercy on January 16. Next named as Big Man in Town, born to surrogate mom called Peace on January 22. And on 1st February, Elle Vitorina has arrived to the surrogate mom called Graceon.

It is an unusual and a miracle to get so many pregnancies from deceased mare’s ovaries.


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